Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Ireland's Energy Story

The energy sector is essential to the functioning of a modern economy and is a key enabler to all other economic activities. Disruptions or reductions in the supply of energy can have significant negative impacts on the economy and the citizen.

Adapting and future-proofing the efficient functioning of our energy system, so that we can continue to accrue the many benefits of energy to the economy and Irish society in general, is therefore essential.

Bord na Móna has a strong track record of siting, designing and delivering wind farms within its cutaway peatlands, including the Bellacorick, Bruckana, Mountlucas and Oweninny Wind Farms.

The Need For Renewable Energy

The Irish Government supports the use of Ireland’s wind resources to meet Ireland's renewable energy targets through;


The Climate Action Plan 2019

This plan identifies how Ireland will achieve its 2030 targets for carbon emissions, and puts the country on a trajectory to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The plan outlines that Ireland will move to 70% renewable electricity by 2030.


Project 2040: National Development Plan 2018 – 2027

This plan outlines an additional 4,500 MW of renewable energy as an investment priority as part of strategic pillar No. 8 - Transition to a Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Society.


Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030

This is an energy White Paper relating to Ireland's Transition to a low carbon energy future.


Development of new Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

This scheme aims to contribute to Ireland's 2020 renewable electricity targets and to deliver Ireland's renewable energy ambitions out to 2030.


Updating the '2006 Wind Energy Development Guidelines'

In December 2019, the Irish Government published a revised draft of the Wind Energy Development Guidelines for consultation.


Preparing a Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework

This framework aims to guide the development of renewable electricity projects in line with the objectives of Irish energy policy.

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