Overview and Timeline

Project Overview

Bord na Móna is proposing to develop a wind farm on Oweninny Bog located in North Mayo.  The proposed development will be known as Oweninny Wind Farm Phase 3.

Number of turbines

The draft layout comprises of 18 wind turbines. Apart from the turbines themselves, the other principal components of the wind farm are the foundations to support the turbine towers, access, crane hard standings, underground cables between the turbines, an on-site electricity substation and an electrical connection to the appropriate node on the National Grid.


Height of turbines

The proposed turbines will have an overall blade tip height of up to 200 metres above ground level. Within this size envelope, various configurations of hub height and rotor diameter may be used. The exact make and model of the turbine will be dictated by a competitive tender process, post planning and it will not exceed the maximum tip height of 200 metres above ground level.


Setback Distance

A minimum setback distance of four times tip height has been applied – 800 metres. This is in line with the “Draft Revised Wind Energy Development Guidelines” published in December 2019 which state that “A visual amenity setback of four times the turbine height between a wind turbine and the nearest residential property, subject to a mandatory minimum distance of 500 metres” should apply to wind energy developments. The distance to the nearest residential property from a turbine on the draft layout is at least 1 km.


Local Benefits

The development of the proposed Oweninny Wind Farm Phase 3 will support up to 100 jobs at peak construction and 3-5 long term, high quality technical jobs in operations and maintenance.

Local communities will also benefit from additional rates paid to the Local Authority which support the provision of local services, a community benefit scheme and the upgrading of road infrastructure where necessary in the local area.